Cavity Wall Insulation Failure

Mike Lea – Member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses & The Society of Expert Witnesses, Carrying out L&T sec 11 work and cavity wall failure reports.

1.5 million UK homes are blighted by damp after cowboy builders cashed in on a Government insulation drive.
Campaigners claim some properties were left riddled with damp patches and mould as a result of botched fitting, which can take thousands of pounds to put right.

The Government scheme was meant to make homes more energy-efficient but some owners say their bills have increased since having the cavity wall insulation work done
The scheme, funded by a ‘green tax’ on household gas and electricity bills, was meant to cut emissions and reduce charges by making homes more energy-efficient.
But experts claim that many homes were simply not suitable for ‘retrofitting’ cavity wall insulation, while others were in parts of Britain where weather conditions should have precluded its use.

A survey of 250,000 properties by thermal-imaging company IRT found the addition of cavity wall insulation to existing homes had failed to work in a quarter of cases and problems in half the homes it surveyed. Some owners even saw bills rise.
Dont, allow these ‘cowboys’ to get away with devaluing your home due to damp/disrepair caused by poor installation of cavity wall Insulation. We as chartered surveyors/Expert Witnesses are set up to process your claim , against the companies who where aware of what they where doing but didn’t care.
If you think the cavity wall insulation you had installed is not doing its job and has failed or never worked from the start then we can help.

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